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Discover and Empower yourself

Create your own beauty wherever you go through spiritual healing with Thetahealing and Reiki!

About Me

Self-Development Intuitive Healer

I am Gabi and I love to help people evolve and understand themselves better. I have been doing this work for more than 5 years, I've learned various healing technics which I implement into my sessions. I am open to hearing what you have to say and am looking forward to helping you achieve your highest level of consciousness while holding space for all the emotions that might come up during the process. I do spiritual healing through Reiki and ThetaHealing®.


"Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the worlds."



Alex T. Steffen

My Reiki session with Heal & Be Free was eye opening. I was able to access a new state and completely calm my mind. Better than meditation. I felt no stress even days after. The debriefing session was extremely valuable too because Gabi gave me a list of personal tips for what to do + resources to read and watch, so I can continue on my own. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to feel better, work on blocks, or reduce stress.

Carol Lescher

The experience of doing reiki with Gabriela is impressive and almost unbelievable. Especially for a skeptical person like me. The sensations are unquestionable as well as the the lightness in which her puts us to!

Diandra Luz

I want to express how glad I am to have had my first Reiki session ever with Gabriela. I decided to do a "virtual" session, once I live in the U.S. Honestly, I was kind of skeptical. As much as I believe in energy, my mind was overwhelmed. I thought I would not be able to have a good experience, but I was definitely wrong. I could feel physical sensations and, at the end of the session, her words went straight to my heart! Gabriela is sensible, talented, and sweet. I highly recommend her practice and lovely approach!

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