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About Me

I, Gabriela de Miranda Biasi, moved to Berlin in the end of January 2017. Since I couldn't work as a Dentist anymore and I had plenty of time in my hands I started looking for things to raise my awareness towards myself and also to help me evolve and what I came across was this brilliant technic called: ThetaHealing®.

I read about it, saw some webinars and YouTube videos about it, until one day a beautiful teacher crossed paths with me. It was totally random, coincidence, fate, whatever you guys prefer to call it. But I listened to it and went in a session with him and I was mesmerised by it and decided to do the "Basic DNA" course and, since I loved every minute of it, I decided to take, in the same month, also "Advanced DNA".

I went to Brazil, for a few months, and there I took a course called "The Awakening of Your Best Version" which made me go deeper in knowing what are the things that I want for my life and also into meditation.

Back in Berlin, I took the "Dig Deeper" course and I met some awesome people that made me realize that I am good at this, I am good with helping people and I love doing it.

I also took the ThetaHealing® courses: Growing your Relationships I: You and Your Significant Other; Growing your Relationships II: You and the Creator; Intuitive Anatomy; Manifest & Abundance; Free Yourself from Addictions, Attachments & Vows ThetaHealing® class.

I took Reiki classes I, II, III and IV with one of my fellow colleges of ThetaHealing® classes, Hannah Arnold, and I am feeling more happier and connected with this healing process ever since and am now a recognized Reiki Teacher.
I love learning about myself so I am constantly doing courses and retreats to help me get rid of beliefs that are no longer serving me while having fun and remembering myself that all can be light and easy.

So If you are struggling with something in your life right now (aren't we all?) and you want some help with it, I am here to help you. In the highest and best way that I can.

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